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Bermuda Tourism
Bridal Email


The Assignment

We thought Bermuda deserved something better than a scattershot promotion of its pink sands, turquoise seas, historical shipwrecks and British spelling of words like “colour.” This bridal email was part of a fulfillment campaign informed by specific interests of individual Bermuda visitor prospects—from the information-collecting tourist to the reef-admiring diver to the romance-minded wedding planner.


The results were as luxuriously satisfying as a spa session in one of their waterfront hotels:


  • increased air arrivals
  • higher average length of stay and visitor spending
  • higher conversion rates
  • an average ROI of more than 1,800%

The Copy


Your wedding or honeymoon in Bermuda.

As comfortable as elegant gets.



If you’re looking for the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination, your search has come to a glorious end. Bermuda—with its pink sand beaches, hidden coves, quiet nature trails, and quaint, storied streets—has enough charm and warmth to create a lifetime or two of lasting memories. And it’s all just a short flight away.



Wish on the moon, and get everything under the sun.



What better place to set your new lives in motion than Bermuda? Specifically, we speak of our wedding band-shaped Moongates. Legend has it that couples who kiss beneath these coral and stone archways reap a lifetime of happy fortune, and are assured of many return trips to Bermuda. We encourage you to test it for yourselves—along with our hopelessly romantic stretches of pink sand beach, picturesque views, oleander-scented breezes, eclectic cuisine, and variety of accommodations, from the luxuriously intimate to the unabashedly indulgent.



Do everything or nothing at all.

Either way, it’s bliss.



Wander together amidst the native palmetto of our Botanical Gardens—a fragrant 36-acre haven for the Island’s exotic subtropical plants, flowers, and trees. Explore waters where you’ll find swaying sea fans, over 650 species of marine life, and the most divable shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere. And now that you’ve discovered the ideal mate, you can concentrate on finding the perfect antiques, the finest lines, or the tastiest Bermuda Rum Cake in the quaint shops along Front Street in the City of Hamilton. Or you can just reserve a quiet corner of a local pub or secluded cove, and let the time pass you serenely by.



A most extraordinary escape for the most discerning couples.



Whether you’re being spirited away in a horse drawn carriage or enjoying an intimate dinner lit by candles and the waning sun, you’ll have ample opportunity to relax and unwind. Pamper yourselves with an aromatherapy or massage session at one of our world-class spas. And one of our informal inns, private cottages, cosy bed & breakfasts, or luxury resort hotels is sure to be the perfect match for you and your partner’s desires.


If you’re planning a wedding, our experienced consultants are here to make your special day beautifully stress-free. And www.bermudatourism.com is a great place to learn about everything our island has to offer brides and grooms-to-be, as well as newlyweds.



Start your new lives together toe deep in pink sand.


Call 1-800-BERMUDA, ext. 702 or your travel professional. Or visit www.bermudatourism.com for available vacation packages.