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Gilman School


The Assignment

How do you distinguish a great private boys’ school with a rich history from the wealth of other great private boys’ schools with rich histories? Break it down to one distinguishing moment at a time. Establishing Gilman’s inclusive and empowering mind/body/spirit philosophy right from the cover, we created a viewbook full of student-made moments of discovery—in the classroom, the sports field and the community.

The Copy


Where boys create their own distinguishing moments.

Since 1897 our mission has remained exceedingly focused: to unlock the greatness within each boy by educating the entire boy—mind, body, and spirit. To accomplish that, we provide space and opportunity for crucial learning and self-expression to take place.

Boys have very specific educational and developmental needs, and Gilman has spent more than 100 years tailoring age-appropriate learning experiences to meet those needs. The curriculum and programs we develop in our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools hone in on how they think, observe, and relate to each other on their way to becoming honorable, curious, humble, respectful, and resourceful young leaders.

Whether it is in the classroom, on the field, or in the community, every minute of every Gilman school day is an opportunity to distinguish yourself. Throughout this viewbook you will get to glimpse some of these distinguishing moments. They can happen anytime here, and we are happy to have captured them for you.




Learning confined to a classroom desk? Not at Gilman. Our Lower, Middle, and Upper School academic programs give you room (not just rooms) to excel, develop, and solve problems. You will surprise yourself by your own achievements so often at Gilman, it will cease to be surprising.

Sure, learning happens in the classroom, but also on the ball field, in the art studio, at the community soup kitchen, and in the video editing room, or whenever your mind is engaged.