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Research & Development


The Assignment

McCormick products have achieved official omnipresent spice status, serving 9 out of 10 food and beverage companies, making up 90% of every meal’s flavor and taking up occupancy on the spice shelves of virtually every supermarket. But there’s an entire universe of endlessly curious, driven individuals behind the products.

To bring that aspect of the company to the front of the food-loving consumer’s brain, we rethought and retooled their website as a vehicle to help transform the perception of their brand from a mere spice maker to a company of passionate, globally connected flavor innovators and tastemakers.

The Copy


Our Research & Development team is consumed by flavor.

Our Research & Development team is driven by a passion for flavor. That passion helps food manufacturers and foodservice companies develop products, assists chefs in creating dishes and helps consumers expand their palates.

No matter what we call them—flavorists, sensory scientists, research chefs, natural products chemists, engineers or food scientists—they personify what it means to put the eating experience at the center of everything they do. And they’re the best in the industry at it.

Research centered around the consumer

The goal is to deliver flavors and food products consumers will want to cook with, eat and share for years to come. Our Research & Development team collaborates between our 18 globally connected Technical Innovation Centers. They’re very well schooled on connecting to what consumers and their taste buds want—that includes behavior and preference dynamics and any other discipline that results in creating flavor solutions that translate deliciously around the world.

A worldly view of flavor

To create flavor solutions the whole world wants, we invest in the smartest, most flavor-focused people we can find—400 innovators around the world. We also enable our innovators to expand flavor lines and create new ones—with state-of-the-art tools and programs including new technical centers in South Africa and new flavor creation labs in the U.K. and China.

McCormick Science Institute—more than healthy taste buds

The McCormick Science Institute sponsors health studies at leading universities and research institutions that examine the effects of spices and herbs on everything from weight management to heart health. MSI has funded 22 clinical trials on topics ranging from antioxidants to diet quality. Our world-renowned scientific advisory council is an important part of our long-term commitment to helping consumers make exciting and healthy flavor choices.

Global Science Network—feeding our own development

Our Global Science Network is a great source of knowledge for everyone at McCormick. It’s an unparalleled compilation of flavor and health information in virtually every form—from scientific articles, presentations and newsletters to executive summaries and videos. And it fits in perfectly with our “never stop learning” approach to work and life.