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Women’s Cardiovascular Services


The Assignment

When it comes to cardiovascular risk factors, gender differences are real. This was the impetus for the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center. The very specific characteristics that differentiate womens’ heart issues drove the creation of the associated website. The content I wrote for both the main site and the featured banner articles was informed by SEO research and interviews with Hopkins physicians from a variety of disciplines—from cardiologists to psychiatrists.

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Coordinated cardiovascular care for women



Diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels develop silently for years but often can be prevented. Our cardiologists focus on early detection of cardiovascular disease through a comprehensive evaluation that includes assessment of risk factors, examination, and diagnostic testing. Then we advise and work with you to develop a personalized treatment and lifestyle management plan.


Our expert services can suit any woman’s needs. If you think you’re at risk for cardiovascular disease or if you’ve already been diagnosed, call 410-550-5191 for an appointment with one of our cardiologists.