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Women’s Cardiovascular Evaluation


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When it comes to cardiovascular risk factors, gender differences are real. This was the impetus for the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center. The very specific characteristics that differentiate womens’ heart issues drove the creation of the associated website. The content I wrote for both the main site and the featured banner articles was informed by SEO research and interviews with Hopkins physicians from a variety of disciplines—from cardiologists to psychiatrists.

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Evaluation and Disease Management Services



Many factors contribute to your long-term heart health, including lifestyle and nutrition, timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment, and disease recovery. The Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center in Baltimore, Maryland, can help you manage any one or all of them.



Our services



Evaluating risk for cardiovascular disease



At the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center, we conduct a thorough review of risk factors for each individual, while paying close attention to risk factors that are particular to women. We use a variety of assessment tools that help us classify individual risk levels, and further determine any evaluation and treatment that may be necessary. Assessments actually begin with a telephone screening prior to your in-person appointment. Call 410-550-5191 to begin today.



Evaluating chest pain and other symptoms



Heart disease and its symptoms can be different in women than in men. Our Center offers individualized treatment plans and care specifically for a woman’s needs.


We do a comprehensive analysis to evaluate chest pain (angina) and other symptoms associated with heart disease in women, including: indigestion, shortness of breath and back pain. For every evaluation, we study each patient’s individual history and risk factors before performing tests such as an EKG (electrocardiogram), or more sophisticated imaging scans such as coronary artery calcium score. During each evaluation visit, we’ll also determine which blood tests may be needed, such as hs-CRP (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein) .



Treating and managing known or suspected heart disease



Our center is part of the Johns Hopkins Heart & Vascular Institute, an organization world-renowned for its innovative contributions to cardiovascular medicine. Our cardiologists are well-versed in diagnosing and treating a broad spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.


Some of the conditions we treat: coronary vasospasm, microvascular disease, palpitations, and cardiovascular issues related to pregnancy.



Managing cardiovascular disease related to other conditions



Many conditions can increase a person’s risk for developing heart disease. If you’ve been diagnosed with a rheumatologic disease, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, renal disease or depression, you may be at a higher risk for cardiovascular problems. Request an appointment today.