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Kiddie Academy


The Assignment

Owning a Kiddie Academy franchise fulfills the need of highly motivated people to be their own bosses, make a difference in their community and have the support of a successful, well-established business and education model.

We recreated and restructured their franchising website to intuitively lead the prospective franchisee through the compelling whys and hows of opening and operating a Kiddie Academy.

The Copy

The Kiddie Academy® story

Our ongoing mission to care, educate and lead

You can read it in our Mission and Vision statements. You can see it in the eyes of the parents who entrust their children to our franchisees and their teachers. Since 1981, Kiddie Academy® has been dedicated to providing a better way to care for and educate children while fostering communities. That’s how we’ve grown from a single day care center to a steadily expanding, industry-leading presence in the educational child care industry.

For more than 30 years, Kiddie Academy has created bonds between children, families, educators and communities. Learning and growth happen all day here, in and out of the classroom. We see to it by continually updating our proprietary, Life Essentials® curriculum implemented by the most caring, qualified and well-trained educators.