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Project MUSE
Baltimore ACRL Conference Invite


The Assignment

We had a unique set of goals for the trade show direct marketing series we created for Project MUSE, John Hopkins University’s electronic journal collections. Beyond making their trade booths destinations for more than awkward silences and earnest snack offerings, we created quirky mini-celebrations of the cities where each trade show took place.

Filled with mock quizzes and brain-teasers librarians couldn’t wait to complete, our DM series created eager demand for the next trade show mailer and even more importantly, increased booth traffic.

The Copy

William Nuthead. Crabs. Rubber gloves. No.

Q: Who was the first printer in Maryland, who also had the funny Nuthead name?

Q: What type of shellfish is Baltimore famous for and often described as the most appetizing part of crabfeasts?

Q: What was Johns Hopkins Hospital Chief Surgeon Dr. William S. Halsted the first to introduce into surgery in America while wearing rubber gloves?

Q: Will you go out with me tonight?

Bring your seemingly insignificant Baltimore knowledge to MUSE’s ACRL Booth #1014!

The upcoming ACRL Conference in Baltimore is more than an exciting opportunity to exchange ideas about knowledge access and research with current and future colleagues.

It’s also your chance to kick some brain at the Project MUSE 2007 BALTIMORE BIG BRAIN-BUSTING GAMES. You get nice things just for showing up. And even nicer things for winning.

When you’re not answering trivia questions, you can turn to us for answers.

We sincerely appreciate the support you’ve given us over the years. And while we love our Baltimore fun and games, we want you to know that you can always rely on MUSE for super-serious information regarding anything even remotely related to scholarly journals online. And during the ACRL Conference, you can rely on MUSE Booth #1014 for information about that information.