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Project MUSE
San Antonio ACRL Conference Invite


The Assignment

We had a unique set of goals for the trade show direct marketing series we created for Project MUSE, John Hopkins University’s electronic journal collections. Beyond making their trade booths destinations for more than awkward silences and earnest snack offerings, we created quirky mini-celebrations of the cities where each trade show took place.

Filled with mock quizzes and brain-teasers librarians couldn’t wait to complete, our DM series created eager demand for the next trade show mailer and even more importantly, increased booth traffic.

The Copy

The painstakingly crafted Old Southwest Brain Tingler Game from Project MUSE®

Which phrase was made famous by Sam Houston’s Army at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836?

a.    Do it for the Alamo.
b.    Remember the Alamo.
c.    Forget the Alamo.
d.    Try to keep in mind the Alamo.

Correct answer: b.

San Antonio is also known as “The Fiesta City.” What else is it known as?

a.    The Fiesta City.
b.    The Rust Belt.
c.    The Alamo City.
d.    The snowboarding capital of the world.
e.    Hollywood.

Correct answer: c.

Who supposedly planned the Mexican Revolution of 1910 at the famous Buckhorn Saloon?

a.    Stan Laurel.
b.    Pancho Villa.
c.    That uncle you never trusted.
d.    All of the above.
e.    Antonio Banderas.

Correct answer: b.

Which of the following Project MUSE facts are accurate? (Hint: all of them.)

a.    MUSE is the most comprehensive online journal collection in the arts, humanities and social sciences, created by librarians for librarians.
b.    MUSE has a tiered pricing structure that makes subscriptions affordable for any institution.
c.    MUSE offers 100% full-text for over 300 peer-reviewed journals from non-profit publishers.
d.    MUSE recently added a new Premium Collection as well as new titles to other collections.

Correct answer: a, b, c, and d.

One endearingly chosen new prize for one lucky Project MUSE® visitor

Fill out the back of this card or attach a business card and bring it by Booth #472 for your chance to win the Trivial Pursuit® Book Lover’s Edition. Good luck!

NOTE: We were going to make this giveaway more challenging by requiring you to be the 27th person to ask, “What’s so hot about Project MUSE?”, or be the 11th person to wear plaid and carry a jar of salsa. But we figured you already have enough to think about.