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The Assignment

Homeowners are seeing exterior products as more than, well, products. They’re seeing them as forms as of expression. They put a lot of themselves into their interiors and are looking for ways to apply personality to their exteriors, too. And when homeowners turn to building pros, those pros want to be ready with the knowledge and products to help homeowners express themselves. And grow their business accordingly.


We dedicated our Build Bold portal and landing pages to guiding each of these audiences to the curb appeal and business-building resources they need—such as product and installation info, style and color education, and inspirational galleries and social channels. And at the end of the process, a way to connect with each other to make those expressive exteriors happen.

The Copy


Hello, building pro.


Welcome to the no cookie-cutter zone—where homeowners get to express themselves, interiors and exteriors are on speaking terms and you’re there to put the whole thing together.



Share the inspiration. Show our galleries.


Homeowners are human. When they’re ready to accomplish something great, they need as much guidance, direction and motivation as the rest of us. So we give you the tools to motivate.



Anticipate the homeowner’s questions.


It may not always be possible to know what’s on the tip of every customer’s tongue, but it sure is fun to try. Agreed? We anticipated you’d say yes.



Know and tell.


Used strategically, social media channels can fuel you with ideas and trends that will increase your stock as an approachable expert. We’ll show you.



Turn your inbox into an inspiration box.


We’ll fill it with exterior design ideas, curb appeal tips and up-to-the-minute trends.