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Royal Building Products
Celect Siding “Grade”


The Assignment

Celect‘s combination of seamless, wood-replicating looks and low maintenance pretty much makes it the perfect siding. It looks amazing on a house, but we’ve all seen ads with beautiful houses. What about the beautiful science behind it? What about the superior technology behind the high-end aesthetics? So we created a series of ads like this one—each dramatically demonstrating a benefit that differentiates Celect from every other siding.

The Copy


Unafraid to go to grade.



Homes covered with Celect® Siding are truly covered because, unlike fiber cement and engineered wood, Celect can go to grade without being damaged by mud, mold, mildew, dirt, snow and ice. It’s an impressive display of a fearlessly engineered exterior created by passionate people who never stop thinking of ways to reinvent siding—and what pros and homeowners should expect from it.



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