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The Assignment

Increasing homeowner demand for Royal siding and trim products takes more than building a compelling, benefit-driven personality around their products. It also means satisfying the growing appetite among homeowners to take part in their own exterior design. Enter Live Abode, with a steady source of compelling and authoritative content built around design inspiration, trends and DIY tips.

Results in the first few months: more than 30,000 page visits and almost 4,000 email signups.

The Copy


Find Your Perfect Exterior Color Combo




How outdoorsy are you?


£ Your idea of adventure has already been re-enacted by paid actors.


£ You have the call of the wild on speed dial.


£ With the right designer outerwear and artisanal snacks, the great outdoors is your playpen.



Your dream vacation calls for:


£ Amusement park rides. All. Day. Long.


£ Exploring every historical nook and cranny of the farthest reaches of the planet.


£ The services of the nearest spa, preferably with a chai latte in arm’s reach.



Are you an introvert, an extrovert or bits of both?


£ Depends on the time, locale, company, mood and barometric pressure.


£ Leave me alone.


£ I live to see and be seen.



What’s your favorite dessert?


£ Tapioca pudding


£ Chocolate cream pie drizzled with dark chocolate shavings


£ Rainbow fruit salad parfait



What kind of party are you the life of?


£ Backyard BBQ


£ Debutante ball


£ Rave






I’m Wedgewood, Linen and Sand.


It appears that “soothe and be soothed” is your motto. The world is your spa. Hourly deep cleansing breaths are your routine. Calmness and equanimity are your velvet-voiced co-pilots.


I’m Shamrock, Sand and Pebble Clay.


How much do you love nature? In high school you were voted most likely to build a lean-to, you think electric appliances are for the birds and you’re on a first-name basis with at least 50 varieties of plant life. That’s how much.


I’m Shamrock, Linen and Ironstone.


This color combination loudly and firmly states that you are expressive and bold. But everyone already knows that because you make a statement in your life and design choices. You think taking chances is fun and you’re unafraid of exclamation points!